Good Lord…We really are that Stupid

The big news this last week was our overlords succumbing to Occam’s Razor and admitting that the Chinese Coof came from China.


As usual, others have covered it better.

Let’s cover what we knew way back in early 2020:

  • It came from Wuhan.
  • There happens to be not one, but two virology labs there, that apparently we subsidize.
  • They have a scientist there giving lectures on manipulating bat viruses.
  • There don’t happen to be any bats in the Wuhan Wet Market.
  • The bats these viruses come from are native 600 miles away. Prolly nuthin.
  • People seemed to disappear from that very lab.
  • The Chicomms locked down the place in a purple panic, except for some reason, international flights.
  • Anyone and everyone that may have pointed to the truth was ‘disappeared’.
  • It’s a SARS virus. Wash your hands, avoid those that are sick.
  • Works like the last one. Countries like Singapore treated it as such and shrugged it off.

Clearly, they were playing with something that they shouldn’t have, and it got out of it’s cage.

We just didn’t know how much of it we’d paid for. As usual, our elected betters ruled not to touch ‘gain of function’ research. And then turned around and outsourced it. Like they do with nearly everything else.

Pitchforks are coming. Swear to God.

These bastards can’t be trusted to run a lemonade stand and they are running our country.