Get the Squirrel!

I have a persimmon tree in my back yard. It was here when I bought the place.

It grows like a weed and you need to cut it back every year. I don’t always. This year I cut it back severely. Last fall I had persimmons 30 feet up that I couldn’t get to. So I trimmed it back, big time.

So now, it doesn’t reach the fence or the Pecan tree. So when a squirrel runs up it to get away from the dogs, they are effectively trapped. Up the Persimmon tree they have few options.

One time I watched as a squirrel went up and down trying to figure out what to do with the dogs going nuts below it. It jumped from six feet up to the lawn to the pecan tree – just missing getting eaten by the crazy girlfriend.

I think it had the element of surprise going for it.

This time, there was no such option.

Get it!

Bad luck for Mr. Squirrel. He has not only the crazy girl, but an absolutely crazy dude – Jasper. He’s way more nimble. And get a load how high he can jump. That’s what I deal with when walking his crazy ass. He’s no longer little. You’re looking at 50-60 lbs of shepherd/huskie/lab pure muscle. When we walk he pulls like a sled dog. Nothing we used to train the other two works. He turns Cesar Milan’s advice on it’s head.

Eventually the squirrel nutted up and went for the closest pecan tree limb, and made it. That tree has access to the neighbor’s gum trees and freedom. Took the pups five minutes or so to figure it was over.

In the middle, my neighbor started shrieking – “SHUDDUP! SHUTTUP!”

Yeah. That works.

What that does, usually, is turn the focus of whatever they were barking about to him. Seen it over and over.

Their barking never lasts more than 5 minutes or so. They get bored and move on.

Unless he hollers.

Then all three face his window and bark at him. And they won’t leave.

Fuck him.

Biden voter. He deserves everything he gets.