Run Forrest!

Last post I alluded to what happens when the dudes realize there’s someone they don’t want on the property.

So here’s what happened.

I came down the alley, and there was this slob that looked like Eminem hanging around on his mobile at my neighbors garage. There was another dude, his friend apparently, sitting on the retaining wall by my gate.

I’d leave to do jobs or errands leaving the dog door open. More often than not, the two would be snoozing in the sun when I pulled in. Normally, I open the gate, pull in, and they’d orbit the car.

But they are very, very territorial and protective.

So I pull up, see these two in the alley, and figure the dogs aren’t caring. Wrong. They were waiting at the gate.

Notice some things.

First, look how far the my brother runs. You can’t see it, but he ran clear across the parking lot and vaulted the 6 foot fence. About 70 yards.

Second, notice the big dude turned back the instant our brother cleared the alley. Then notice that crazy girlfriend turned back not long after entering parking lot. All I had to do is holler for them to come from my window.

The brother came back, met his friend and hollered at the dogs and chucked a rock. I nearly opened the gate to give these two assholes another try.

It landed at Jethro’s feet. Look on his face was “You want another taste, muthafker?”

Not too long after that, I pulled up and noticed a Mexican guy hanging on the main street, sitting on the wall around the corner from where the last guy was. What could go wrong?

Turns out, lots.

I opened the gate and parked, with the big dude orbiting the car as usual. I hit the gate switch as I got out, said hello, and the big dude looked at me a second as if to say, “hold up, something I have to do…” He went out, rousted the dude off the wall, and came back before the gate shut. Jaw dropping.

This is why I have warning signs posted.

They will chase you off the property.

They will bite.

And now I have three.