Jethro Hates Solicitors

So do I.

It’s why I installed a camera system. In addition to Ring, I have an actual video camera system. Two, as a matter of fact. One Wyze, that has 3 cameras where I can see what the dogs are up to if I’m not here. I use it primarily to check if the door is closed before opening the gate. I’ll do a post about that later, it was hilarious. In a nutshell, I didn’t check where they were and opened the gate. Only there was a dude hanging out by the gate.

They chased him well away from the property. I got video.


The second camera system is for anyone outside. I use it to see who’s coming up my walk, and what the dogs are up to outside. It seems a bit much, but it’s nice when you work at home and hear the dogs cut loose to simply look up and see what’s doing.

Amazon dudes delivering a package, I’ll get up and get it. Someone jogging down the street, Meh. Leave them be.

About a year ago I rebuilt the doorway and added a glass storm door. I don’t keep the main door open so the dogs can look out, usually. Jethro is nearly 90 lbs, and if he wants a piece of someone, that door will open. I have no doubt.

The boys are keen to stop anyone from coming in.

If they get out, they will absolutely chase a jogger to the far side of the street. I’ve seen them do it. One simple command, and Jethro and Aria will pivot around, come back, and get heaps of praise. That’s their jobs, after all.

Before I had all this cool tech, all I had was the Ring doorbell. Cool thing is, it captured what happens when a solicitor comes up and tries to sell me something, even their religion.

What you don’t see is me holding a monster by his collar as he barks and lunges at the poor sap. Only the stupidly tenacious don’t get the message and blabber on as if I can hear a word they say. Notice how he gives me the brochure and moves on. It’s awesome.

The dogs have people they love. And when they visit, it’s like the dogs haven’t seen them in a decade. They also are smart enough to know that if I bring them out to meet someone, and invite them in, they are treated without anger, but suspicion until a tribute is paid. I hand the guest treats to dole out.

Then, we’re all friends and the story begins again.