Idiots of the Week

Usually, I showcase a shithead driver on Friday. I had some good ones this week, but didn’t pull the vidya from my camera. One trip, maybe two miles, three shitheads in the left lane, cutting off the other two to turn right. Unreal.

Age of the imbecile, for sure.

Speaking of which…

Congratulations Baltimore for putting the moron in Baltimoron.

They are suing Hyundai because people steal their cars.

“These cost-cutting measures employed by Hyundai and Kia at the expense of public safety are unacceptable,” said Baltimore Mayor Brandon M. Scott. “They have left our residents vulnerable to crime and are significantly burdening our police resources.”

Brandon Scott, Moron.

Their technology isn’t different than many others use in the last 20 years. I seem to recall the last rental car Hyundai I got had a fob key similar to my Toyota. I also seem to remember renting one with keyless ignition. Could it be that keyless ignition is an option the Baltimorons won’t pay for?

I dunno.

That said, what has left their residents vulnerable to crime and are significantly burdening their police resources is their prosecutors proclivity for letting career criminals go on OR, or no bail.


Problem solved.