Shithead of the Week

Has it really been that long that I posted one of these?

Wow. Been busy though.

Whelp. Here it is…

Along the righthand side you can see that wall with the hedge. When you are exiting my street (which this person is doing) you can’t see anything. You really have to stop, poke your nose out and look.

A lot of these vidyas you really don’t get the sense of how close things are. Here, you don’t see me applying the brakes so I don’t run into the nob.

Decades ago, I was in about the same situation only a closer call. And instead of stomping the brakes and heading into a curb, or into the other lane (where I’d have chanced hitting someone, didn’t have the time to look and see) I simply stomped on gas. Fuggit. I’m gonna hit him? I’mma hit him hard.

Then again, that was in a ’90 caprice cop car which absolutely punished the fool in the brand new van that cut me off.

Man, I miss that car.

BTW, Behold:

Same car, same color. Only mine was an Arlington Va. Sherriff car. Wow.

That was an amazing chunk of American pig-iron.