Unearned Goodies

It’s getting warm and stormy. The gardens are digging it.

By the way, those cucumbers are 4″ now. I harvested a few for lunch. They are the snacking variety. I can’t get a view of the others, which are bush cucumbers. They aren’t cooperating and climbing. Still, I’ll be ass deep in cucumbers shortly.

The peppers are booming. The tomatoes are going nuts in their pots. Life is good.

And get this:

That there is a squash or zucchini plant growing in a compost of dogshit, grass clippings, kitchen cuttings, and whatnot.

No idea. Probably a squash that went bad in the fridge that I tossed in the shit pit. There’s another one that size (where you see the hole in the dirt up front) that I moved to a bed it’s now taking over.


That bed is 4X the size I thought I bought.

Let it go.

I’ll have free squash.

By the way, We didn’t see any persimmon blossoms so we figured there’d be none this year. As I walked back from the beer store, I saw tiny persimmons. So we have those coming. If I could heal my Pecans, I’d be gold.