You’ll soon learn…

Why Grandma saved her bacon grease and washed her tin foil.

I can’t find the meme for that line. But we’ll find out soon enough.

Personally, I save my bacon grease because I prefer to cook with it.

So recycling. I have a Bissell Zing vacuum. The thing is great. Closest thing to a shop vac you’re going to get. Damn thing will suck up socks. But it has a filter, not a bag which on the surface seems like a great idea. But that filter gets pretty shitty with regular use. Hell, I have two dogs who track in mud, which dries and I have to vacuum it.

As an aside, the other thing that I have that is filter hungry is the Spa. You really need to swap out the filter monthly. That’s about $20. So I’m on Spa Depot every so often to get filters and chemicals. Fuggin’ hassle, I tellz ya.

But I found a filter renewal product on the site.

Well, well, well. That ought to work with the Bissel filters, which are around $13/ea. They are nearly as spendy as the spa filters.

Power Soak, next to a dirty filter.

So you put 1/4 cup in a bucket of hot water. Soak the filter for an hour. Rinse it, soak it in water. Then let it dry.


Not perfect. But clean enough. That one was one that I learnt to blow it with the compressor first. That’s a bit of a problem if you don’t have one. I suppose you could use canned air.

The stuff is about $10. I think I can get a dozen cleanings out of it.

That said, the solution denuded the stickyback glue that keeps the filter together. So I’m thinking two cleanings then replace the filters.

Still, saves some dough. Worth it.