Shithead of the Week


Video doesn’t do it justice. What you saw was a dipshit in a Porsche Cayenne blast out of the parking lot in front of the red car. You can’t hear the tire squeal as he turned, and it was actually closer than it appears. Here’s the rub; Notice the car at the intersection. He’s turning, and there’s no one in the turn lane to go east like me. Behind me is no one. It’s an early Saturday Morning.

Our shithead could’ve waited maybe five seconds and turned into no traffic.

This guy is a close second…

The image doesn’t do scale justice. He’s parked in maybe 15′ from the entrance. You have to squeeze by him to the left, and park to the left of the white car, then walk around his truck to get to the bins. Here’s the rub, had he pulled up 30′ to the curb, his tailgate would be 2-3 steps from not one, but two bins.

Wonder what he did with that foam mattress liner in his bed. $50 says he stuffed it in the bin or on the ground.

I should have dumped my cardboard in his bed when he turned to the bins.