Say it Brother…

Adaptive Curmudgeon has been on and off grid for a lot of the winter. Snows a bunch where he is.

When he checks in, he does it bigly

Everything dumb from an month ago has rifted from conspiracy theory to known fact. Yet all issues remain unresolved.

The Hunter laptop is now officially real. As we always knew. What happened with that? What happened to the 51 people who swore on the front page of a newspaper that it was Russian propaganda?

The southern border was open and thronged by illegal crossers. What happened with that? If Trump’s wall sucked, why is this solution better?

Two banks (three if you count Credit Suisse, which I do) have gone tits up. What happened with that? What has been learned from their failures? Did anyone mention the repercussions of extending FDIC insurance to infinity? We all know more banks will follow.

The J6 videos were pried out of the hands of congress-beings and shown on regular TV. You can see for yourself it was tamer than the crowd at a golf tournament. So what happened with that? We have political prisoners in the USA and it’s directly related to the videos. Those videos are exculpatory evidence. Withholding exculpatory evidence is a crime. What about that? Who is Ray Epps? Why are American taxes paying to staff American political operatives on American soil?

Musk blathered the details behind all sorts of hidden (but obvious and suspected) dirty censorship and propaganda. So what happened with that?

The Air Force spent a week ignoring a monster spy balloon and the next week shooting down hobbyist toys over Canada. What resolution has come of that?

In January, there were classified papers coming out of Biden’s garage, old offices, and various other orifices. What happened to that?

Are the plucky Ukranians still just days from total victory? Are they still heroically shooting down Russian jets with deer rifles? Someone blew up the Nordstream pipeline. If it was America, then Americans are the bad guys. What about that?

I’d like to see something that began… finish.

Adaptive Curmudgeon



As he said long ago; “It’s all bullshit and everyone knows it”