Odds & Ends

I’ve been busy.

I have two projects at work that are mind numbing and require a lot of writing. So at the end of the day, I’m done with scribbling. By the way, don’t think Ernest Hemingway here. Think Winston Smith. All I lack is the dismal cubicle.

I’m sure that won’t be far behind.

I’ll leave my career twilight moaning for another day. I will say that our HR system has been pestering my to craft my goals and career plan for an upcoming end of year/beginning next year review. I’ve said it more than once to my boss, who is around my age, maybe younger, but not by much, that my goals were simple. To stay employed another four years until I can partially retire. I’ve been in the industry 30+ years. I have no other goals.

Although if I were to add one, I’d say not to spend the next four years fixing others stuff.

They indicted Trump yesterday.

So what?

34 counts of the exact same bullshit charge. Far as I know, it’s not illegal to pay your side chick, baby mama, or even a hooker cash to keep her yap shut. From what I see, that is a legitimate campaign PR expense. Ask John Edwards about that. And ‘paperwork’ crimes with campaign funds? Really? Hillary ‘paid’ a token fine after the damage had been done. I’m guessing the process is the punishment. It’s simply meant to have a mud slinging machine for campaign season. I will say those prosecutors that have tried this on a lesser level typically have their career end in ignominy. And this guy, by all measures, has been a colossal failure already.

Whatever. Clown World, writ large. I prefer the term ‘bozo explosion.

Speaking of which, I found this at BustedKnuckles:

I’m with them. Most of these fools running the show have done exactly squat, except learn how to grift. Joey IceCreamCone, Sanders, Beto, Obama, all have done zero productive work their whole lives. I absolutely cannot stand politicians that got out of school, worked for a politician, and ended up becoming one themselves. It was never meant to be an industry.

Enough of that…

I got my garden beds planted. Peppers are going slow, it’s not hot enough for long enough for them to take off. The weather has been psychotic. Last two days it’s been 90 or nearly so. Today, it’s in the 60s. That’s been hammering my cucumber plants. They seem to be taking it well. We’ll see. I have two smaller beds to assemble and plant. One of them is to rescue my blueberry bush and the azaleas from the front. They aren’t responding well to the intense sunshine of the summers here. I’m moving them in back to partial shade.

It’s the last two weeks of tax season, which means I never see my wife. At least not until late at night, maybe.

I miss her.

As we get older, tax season gets more and more brutal, for a number of reasons. And the last few years, it doesn’t all end and go back to normal after tax day. It’s weeks before she decompresses. There has to be a better way. The other day she came home fairly early (bringing work with her), and the dogs went nuts. They were so happy, and insisted both being on the couch with her, taking up 2/3 of the thing. Would have been a great picture of her having a glass of wine, while Aria is seating next to her, pawing at her for attention with a great big doggy smile on her face.

It’s Holy week. My attempts at abstinence and fasting have been dismal. I did manage a few two week spans where I was with the game. I’ll rely on what one of my last pastors said, which was it wasn’t about denying yourself only to go right back, it’s about changing your life. In any event, over at Piggott’s place, he had a post on The Chosen.

(Good luck hitting that link. Interesting that those that have been jamming his site picked just that post to jam, where the others worked fine.)

I watched a bit on the web, but then found it on Amazon Prime. It’s very compelling and as good as he said. I like how they are filling in the back stories that lead up to encounters with Jesus. We don’t know the details of any of these, but they did a good job of adding in a plausible explanation. Some of it is clearly literary license, as nothing I’ve ever read had Peter as a schemer of any type. So far, though, they get the biblical parts right on the money, as I remember them. It took a few episodes for me to figure out who was who and how this was going to come together.

It has a slow start as they build the characters that the non Christian wouldn’t know, is what I’m saying. Worth the watch.

Easter is this Sunday. I have no idea what the plans are. I assume they involve grandkids and candy.

Have a good Easter.