All of Man’s virtues, with none of his vices..

Borepatch had to put his dog, Wolfgang down.

I can’t imagine the pain.

I work at home. My big dude follows me around all day.

Both of them roust me when it’s time to walk, time to quit for the day.

Time to take a break and play.

Today he posted a longer piece, RTWT.

But of course, he wasn’t our child, he was our dog.  Rather than three score and ten, we had him for a decade and one.  We are now constantly reminded of him by his absence, where he should be waiting for us but is not.  Yesterday morning was the hardest; rather than him eager to see me get out of bed, it was silence.  I’m sort of wrecked, losing someone like that.  I am sure glad that I have The Queen Of The World with me.


He has a wonderful quote at the end…

Near this spot rests one who had
Beauty without Vanity;
Strength without Insolence:
Courage without Ferocity;
and all Man’s Virtues with none of his vice

Epitaph to a Dog

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s awful dusty in here.

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