Timberland Boot Review

I can’t believe I didn’t write about these boots, all these years.

A few years back, fall of 2021 to be exact, I bought a pair of Timberlands to replace my ailing Irish Setters. At the time I said “the last few years” I’d been walking in my Irish Setters. That wasn’t true, really. I bought them in 2017, it seems. That’s four years. And while worn, they were still good enough to donate.

I was about to extol the virtues of Timberland.

Those are 10.5/EEE if you are wondering.

Let’s start with the good:

They are worn in and super comfortable. After a few shots of treatment, they are nearly waterproof. They still have awesome support.

Here’s the bad:

Never thought to look at the soles. To be fair, I put a lot of mileage on these when I was far heavier and all that mileage was on concrete sidewalks (and a commercial kitchen – I wear them when I’m cooking at Church).

Still, that’s only two years.

It appears they were about 1/2 the price of the Irish Setters. 1/2 the price, 1/2 the mileage. Although I wore the Irish Setters everywhere from fall to spring.

So, big decision coming up. Go back to the Irish Setters, or get another Timberland set. I’ll probably go Timberland. It’s a third the cost these days, as the type of Irish Setters I had is no longer offered and the closest match is nearly $180. I may buy them now, as they won’t be getting cheaper, for sure.

As an aside, in that same post, I mentioned a pair of Puma walking shoes. I’ve ruined three sets of these, the last being the worst. They were replaced by a set of Sauconys, that, so far, have been doing great. I think the current pair is over a year old, probably two. These only get worn on walks, but they get double duty as I walk in the afternoons a few times a week. So far, they’ve been great. Even better, there’s an identical pair in my closet, still new, because Herself got a deal on them.

We’ll see.

It’s starting to heat up hereabouts. So I won’t be needing hiking boots anytime soon.