Getting to be That Time

I like reading Eaton Rapids Joe’s posts about farming and gardening. He goes far deeper than I do, but I’ve learned quite a bit, especially about waking up old seeds.

This year, I managed to start things on time, about 7 weeks before our last frost, which, technically, is next week although we haven’t come close in weeks. Even though it was threatened, worst it got here is slightly under 40.

My cucumbers are out of control. They really need to be in the ground.

I split them up a few weeks ago. Some went on the sunny window sill near my office (those are the really big ones) and the others went in the sunroom under a lamp. Regardless, I have enough to risk it putting them in early. I have way more than I need. I’ve been keeping them outside this week, in partial sun. Next week, for a few days I’ll put them in a sunnier spot. Then into the garden they go.

Hell, I may put them in the garden this weekend and put a sun sail up. That may be the ticket.

The tomatoes and peppers need to be split up to one per pot. The tomatoes are going in planters, so when it gets too hot I can put them in the sunroom. I also don’t want them overpowering my beds.

I have another raised garden to assemble, but I’m puzzling where to put it. My initial thought was to put it by the spa, replacing the old one I made of wood. But that one is fat with spearmint and sage. I hate to dig all that up. I’ll probably put it next to that one.

This is a good area, because it gets the morning sun. In the afternoons, when the sun is most intense, there’s a pecan tree shading the area a bit.

I bought yet another garden to put along the walk in the back. I need to move the azaleas and blueberries from the front yard. They’ve been beaten mercilessly from the summer and winter extremes. One of the azaleas is dead as a post. I’d like to save what’s left by moving them away from the blistering sun to where they’ll get the morning sun only.

So, I bought dirt…

This I will mix with compost. I probably have the same volume in composted dog shit, kitchen scraps, leaves, and grass.

So I have work to do.

Aria doesn’t care.

She’s content to watch me sweat, while she waits for the squirrels to screwup.