Biden’s Griping about Harris?

From PJ Media:

Joe Biden is not going to replace Kamala Harris as vice president. Too many Democratic constituencies have too much invested in Harris for Biden to risk a blow-up.

But that doesn’t mean Biden is thrilled with having to keep his vice president around for another five years. Two former White House aides told Reuters that Biden is frustrated that Harris has not volunteered to take over some hot-button issues that most vice presidents take on.

Rick Moran, PJ Media

First off, who say’s she’ll be around, or even he will, for five years?

That said, the woman is dumb as a box of rocks, but she does possess some animal cunning. These people eat each other. Surely she knows that.

One of the stories I read when they gave her the border was about her saying it was a setup and she wants nothing to do with it. Which turned out to be true. Who knows what she said or wanted, but it’s certain she’s done little to nothing about it.

He’s been screwing up, as he has for his whole life, and when a mess is made, they want her to take it on. take the fall, so to speak.

Don’t get me wrong, I think they both suck. But I can understand why she’d give these people a wide berth.

In the above quote – Too many democrat constituencies… About that, Biden is of the Obama faction. Harris is a Clintonista, from what I understand. Two heads of the same monster, for sure. From what I understand, she was a concession between the factions.

Who knows.

It is fun watching the bozo explosion devolve to a clown slap fight though.