A Gathering of Men

I’m off today, as it’s Lent and I’m heading to the kitchen at the Church to cook.

Four Fridays in Lent either the Knights of Columbus or the Men’s Club cook a meal. This is usually followed by the African Ministry and the School.

I’ll be doing Cajun spiced fish, coleslaw, roasted potatoes, and cake. Oh…And Pizza!

Sure, it’s sloppy. But it’s homemade. I don’t skimp on the cheese.

That’s for the kids that don’t want fish. But most of them (at the last three) were snarfed up by adults.

We swapped with the African ministry this month, since the Men’s club also cooks for the St. Joseph Table event, which was a monster this year.

You’re looking at a homemade marinara, and the beginnings of Puttanesca. Interestingly, we put in red onion, red and yellow bell pepper. I’m thinking that’s heretical, given what I’ve seen of recipes on the web. No matter, it was delicious. I helped with that, and cooked something like forty pounds of different pasta.

My goal is to get there early and get things rolling so when the rest of the guys post there’ll only be a few minor things to deal with. I’ve learned that not every dude that shows up to help can be trusted with knives. It’s far faster for me to knock that out.

This week I cooked those potatoes and coleslaw as a test. I cut up 20 lbs of spuds and spread them on trays in maybe a half hour. This’ll leave me time to mentor someone on making pizza.

It’ll be an epic dinner, just like the last four.