Someone Get Hit with a Clue Bat?

There’s a scene in Lords of the Ring where the two hobbits – Merry and Pippen are with the Ents – Giant tree people, and the Ents are meeting about what the Hobbits were telling them, and what they thought was going on.

After a long, long time, TreeBeard comes up and tells them…”We have all agreed…that you are not orcs!”, and in the movie he smiles broadly at the Ents coming to that conclusion – something that they were told straight away by the hobbits, who in no way looked and acted like orcs.

So, we have a series of gubermint departments telling us something that everyone knew, or at least suspected, for three years.

Let’s review what we knew in 2020:

  • Virus originated in Wuhan (where the first people started getting infected)
  • There’s a Virus lab in Wuhan.
  • That Virus lab happened to be researching corona virii.

Clear as the nose on anyone’s face that they were playing with something and it got out of it’s cage. Or was released.

Turns out, we paid for it. We do what we always do when Congress says don’t fool with something.

We outsourced it to people who don’t have that sort of problem.


Wonder when they’ll admit our tax dollars were paying for it. Not like we haven’t found that out since.