End of a Long Week

Had a lot of screen time this week, what with the ice and whatnot.

Tax season is ramping up and just as Herself would be in the office late, she’s here working.

Which the dogs loved.

They’ll lay around all day and get super animated when she comes home.

This week, Jethro has been posted at the door, inbetween my wife working in the dining room and the big bad world outside.

He’ll rarely let her out of his sight.

Which is exactly what you want out of a 95 lb GSD/Lab mix. When I used to travel 50% of the time, we talked about having somthing to protect her when I was away.

Now we have it. Times two.

I can’t imagine what would happen if someone broke in.

Actually, I can.

I’ve seen it.

Jet is the made man, the enforcer. Something doesn’t belong in the yard, he kills it. Doesn’t matter what it is. I’ve seen him kill 15-20lb possums, shaking them like a pillow. He’s done worse, which I won’t get into. Suffices to say, if it’s in the yard where it doesn’t belong, it’s dead meat.

Outside when walking, he’s a smiling doofus.

Up until you violate my, or his, personal space. Then it’s game on.

That said, I invite you in, he’ll check you out. Then, he’s your BFF.

GirlFren is a follower. She’ll join in on the party. And she’s 65 lbs. Bad thing about her is she doesn’t discriminate. If anyone comes close to me, like even a grandkid, she’ll snap at them. Which is sad. Because she’s otherwise the sweetest dog ever.

I’ve asked my wife to let me teach the grandkids how to handle the dogs. They’ll respond. Sadly, won’t happen any time soon. By and large, they are smaller than these two and get scared. Although, Jethro dotes on them. They are, most assuredly, in his circle of trust.

They are what you want around here during these times.

Super protective, super aware dogs.