Drying Things Out

I got a food dehydrator not long ago.

I wanted a decent one. Not a cheap plastic thing with a lightbulb.

I’ve used it a fair bit, making jerky and drying fruits and herbs.

You get a chunk of beef on sale, and you can make jerky for a fraction of the cost.

Last week, I was sizing up the veggy tray in the fridge. I had mushrooms going bad, a few partial onions, and an orange bell pepper that was less than optimal condition.

So, I halved the mushrooms and shoved them in. I sliced the pepper and onion thin, and put it in as well.

Seven hours or so later, all was dry as a bone.

I chopped these up fine, to use in meatloaf, and collected the mushrooms in a container. That’ll go in meatloaf and other recipes.

I hate it when veggies I buy start going before I can use them. Now? They’ll be dried for use later.

I’m thinking of drying out tomatoes and garlic and storing them in olive oil. The possibilities are endless.