And So it Begins…

We’re getting a ‘Wint’ry Mix’ tomorrow, and the city here is shutting down.

It’s been hovering around freezing today, and right on queue, the simpletons among us have been wrecking their cars. I took a break to go get something to eat, and right in front of Wally World was a mustang up on the median, with the rear suspension utterly destroyed. I don’t know what it is with these people and medians. New years day, on the way to Church I passed a streetlight that was knocked over, and a mile or so down the road, a destroyed traffic light. Both were the first hard obstacle past the curb on the median.

Yesterday, coming back the other way on the same road, was a traffic light destroyed, a mile from the last one a few weeks ago.

So my meeting plans this evening have been cancelled, anticpating mayhem (even though all day I’ve seen no ice).


I took it as a sign that I was to make New Mexico green chili stew and sit at home, listening to the ‘first responders’ heading to all the accidents. Been such a thing today the dogs gave up howling at them unless they pass directly by the house.