That’s Hardly Fair

I was listening to talk radio in the morning, as I normally do, and the host was prattling on about the Republican upstarts putting in a bill for a fair tax.

Fair tax being – getting rid of income tax, and instituting a 30% sales tax.

That’s hardly fair.

First off I believe the income tax was an amendment to our Constitution. You just can’t make that go away. Second 30% sales tax? What could happen to the state sales taxes? Texas has no income tax, but it has an 8.25% sales tax. So you’re telling me at the end of the day I’m going have to pay nearly half again for whatever I buy. How is that fair for that to happen to everyone, even the poor and those on a fixed income?

Couple problems with this; you’re not going to get rid of the IRS. And all you’re going to do by instituting a tax like this is simply start yet another rathole of cutouts and set-asides that will have to be monitored. You’re also going to create one hell of a black market.

Some of the states, I want to say I heard Montana, has neither a sales tax nor income tax. Is that fair to them?

I have a solution, of course that our gerentocracy is never going to follow. And that would be; how about capping income at a flat 15% for everyone? Follow that up by spending way less money.

How many billions are we wasting in that shitshow in Ukraine? How many billions do we hand off to other countries for aid? How much did we give Pakistan for gender education? 4.5 million? Or was it billion? To a culture that absolutely does not need or want gender education.

How many millions get essentially free money called the earned income tax credit?

Pour through the federal budget sometime and take a gander at the size and scope of things they waste our money on. It will pop a vein right now your forehead.

This is all a show.