Let Papa Fix It

My son in law is into pizza. He’s got a propane pizza oven, makes his own dough.

So my son bought him a pizza peel, from Ooni. Behold:

That’s the way it showed up.

That’s also the way it’s replacement showed up.

Seems easy enough to fix.

That’s not a joint. The joints held. What they should have done is do one side cross grain, like plywood. Honestly, to do this right, I should plane both ends so they are smooth.

Screwit. The two halves fit pretty well together. So I used a biscuit joiner, cut some slots, and glued it back together with Gorilla wood glue.

The vertical clamps are to a backboard, so that it stays level.

A day later, I released the clamps.

That seam isn’t glue. It’s raw wood that was exposed when I ran my chisel down the seam to flatten the surface.

I’m not sure what they used to finish this. It’s finish is really thin.

I’m probably going to use mineral oil. Simple wipe down should do it.

Then it can sit next to the metal one I have.

I don’t do a lot of pizza. But it should work for breads I do from time to time.

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