Gonna be a Great Day, Tater.

My life is complete. Proton has released Proton Calendar for IoS.

Doesn’t seem like a big deal. But it is to me.

I can’t sync my phone to my work computer. I sync to outlook on my personal machine, but that results in two calendars – one for Outlook, one for my iPhone. Great. I can see the appontments I’ve added by my phone, but my phone can’t see the ones that are local, nor does the app allow me to move them.

At least I haven’t figured it out.

So now, I’ll use the proton calendar on my phone and it’ll be on my mail, the one I check, when I’m, at my desk.

The mail app works great. I’m expecting this one to work well also.

A small test, and then I’ll get rid of Outlook, which has gotten a little too bloated for me.