Damn near forgot

Today was my mom’s birthday.

She was a great lady. Her dad dying when she was three, her mom at ten, she grew up poor and worked her way up to being an RN, when she met my dad.

She ruled the roost. If our family was a corporation, she was the CFO/COO.

She was all of 5’2″ and would wear out whoever was doing wrong, whether that was a car dealer service manager or a high school principal.

Us Irish are a closemouthed group. I didn’t learn of nearly any of her early life until she was gone. And I learnt that from my cousins, whom she babysat while going to school and working.

I’ve been watching Kevin Samuels videos like a mental patient. None of the women I’ve seen so far, none, are as smart, tough, or resourceful as my mom. And like my mother-in-law, that generation knew how to be wives.

Hint; they aren’t competitors, they complement their husbands.

My dad was a lucky man.

That’s my mom on the left.