Yeah…That’s a Big Fat Nope.

News this week was that the consumer product safety commission want’s to ban our gas stoves. More here.

Then they said no, we weren’t planning on that.

Apparently, it had to do with rascisms. The output of the gas stove hurts the poor and vibrant’s cognitive ability.


I think that’s a chicken and egg thing, really. I think cognitive ability has to do with being on the left side of the bell curve rather than any cause and effect thing.

That said, I really think they’re just trolling us now.

Thomas Sowell wrote a book named “Applied Economics”. In the beginning he was explaining the concept to his class. the concept is simple – you want to do “X”. What happens then? Y happens, then Z, then ABC. It was an exercise in looking at the bigger picture here.

Ban these stoves? Who pays for the electric ones? Who pays for the extra electric work needed? Can the grid handle the extra load? Can the panel? Can your low income folks pay to replace that stove, or are we going to do it.

I know in my case, when we remodeled the kitchen, I removed the electric oven connection that was behind the wall. The wire was aluminum, and I reused that slot in the panel for the spa. I have gas heat, hot water, and stove. The last two of which require no power to work.The heat will work if I connect it to the generator.

These people are hypocrites.

When they ban oil fired boilers in those blue city houses and apartments, we’ll know they’re serious.

And that’ll go as well as the gas stove fiasco of this week.