A Damn Shame

Adam Piggot closed off his comments, just like Vox Day did awhile ago.


Gamma sperging, that’s why. Can’t say as I blame him.

There’s a population on the web that you can tell has never taken a shot to the gob for mouthing off. They feel entitled to leave horrible comments on blogs and then get insane when they’re blocked. Look at the bullshit Adam put up with. There are two telltales – walls of text, and flipping out if their oh-so-important comment didn’t post. And let me reiterate – some of the shit these fools post would get them pasted had they said it to a man’s face.

Swear to God, if someone said things that I’ve seen typed in comments to my face, I’d run their head through a window. (People that really know me IRL know I’m as affable and unflappable as they come. It’s because I don’t have a fuse. I have electronic detonation. Takes a lot to push that button. But when it happens, God help you if I decide the jail time may be worth it.)

So what’s a dude to do?

  • Engage: This is what Phil and BCE do to some extent. Usually behind the scenes. That’s energy draining. The other half of that is actively seeking retribution. I don’t know what they’ve been up to but they haven’t posted about trolls in some time, other to say a fist was being applied.
  • Ignore and block them: That’s probably what I’d do. Simply trash their posts and dime them for spamming and not respond to email bullshit.Keep in mind in my past life I was a pretty skilled NW security engineer. Like BCE above, I can find them and make them hurt. Not that tough.
  • Require logins: WordPress allows you to enable user accounts. You can simple ask them to create an account first, and gather info. This is what Kim DuToit and ZMan do. This requires a little overhead, but they lose anonymity. And when you ban them, they stay banned.
  • Put comments behind a paywall: GunFreezone comes to mind.
  • Block comments: This is what Adam and Vox have done. Both for the same reason, that being the waste of time it is to manage retarded gammas. Now, Vox did something different. He banned comments, but allows them on Social Galactic. That’s his social media site. You have to pay, and if you’re retarded they’ll boot you off (I’m guessing since I’ve never seen this crap happen there). It’s heavily moderated. But then again his blog was as well, which I found refreshing.

I guess the final one would be to blow the blog away.

Many of us that do this actually spend money to do so. For me, I needed a space to move three blogs and merge them. But there’s nothing stopping me from moving this site to a server I control. Other than laziness, I suppose. It’s a bit of work, and my main web provider got rid of the package installer, so I’d have to work pretty hard.

So it’s a shame. This is why we can’t have nice things. I enjoyed engaging on Adam’s site. My handle there is ‘TechieDude’. It’s one I had before I made this site and I’ve simply kept it. I’ve had some interaction with him via email. He’s always been friendly and gracious to me.

As a matter of fact, first time I used the wordpress feature and commented as Himself, I took an adversarial position to his about race. I still don’t agree with him 100%, living in Texas and having a way different experience. But he hammered me good on a podcast. I emailed him and said “Yo, that was me”, and got a WTF were you thinking response. It was pretty funny. Then he called me a fag for overloading the charcoal starter I posted about. That was funny. It’s what men do. Gooba Gabba, One of us, One of us…

His site has always had more than a few really engaging commentors,expecially as he’s returned and explored his Catholic faith. And when that happened shit got weird. Satan is surely in the world wreaking havoc. Otherwise, why would anyone badger a blogger that is open about their faith?

Or the fact he’s getting a dog. Read the site. He’s talked again and again about settling in the Italian alps where he spent all that time as a rafting guide in his books. So what? Man needs a dog, end of story. No one elses business.

So it’s sad, but I understand. Life’s too short. Maybe he’ll post links on Gab and we can comment there. Heh..whatamIsaying?

FWIW, Buy his books. They are great reads.

Maybe now he’ll have time to knock out the third one.