Deep Freeze 2022

It’s bitter outside. It’ll be 10 degrees tonight.

That’s not usual for December in DFW. Hell, it’s not usual nearly anytime here, except recently it seems.

That means work needs to be done to make sure there isn’t misery over Christmas weekend. Cover plants, make sure hose faucets are covered, make sure the house is sealed, load up the hot tub with oxidizer, because no way my dumb ass is getting in it with -3 wind chill.

As I roll around checking this and that the dogs are playing hard.

They do this daily

I had been puttering the last few days, but this yesterday I woke up to 36 degrees, winds, and snow flurries. The weather said it would be in the forties until lunch.

I feel I was lied to.

I had to hustle, put some plant heating pads at the base of the Olive trees and cover them with leaves and tarps. I had two shrubs to cover in the front, but looks like I’m a bit late. We’ll see. I was going to put a oil filled radiator in the attic to stave off frozen pipes. But I have PEX plumbing. Meh, I’ll run a drip out of the faucets.

One thing I didn’t have to do is food shop. That I did well in advance. We have plenty.

Matter of fact there’s New Mexico chili stew simmering as I type this. Next to Gumbo, probably the best cold weather stick to the ribs meal you can get.

We’ll see what happens. It’s only one night, if the weather app isn’t lying again.

Lots of delays, most of which from Chicago, where the prodigal daughter will fly out of Saturday. I think the issue isn’t Chicago as much as it is where people are going. I’ve left Chicago in the cold dead of winter and landed at DFW to find my car covered in 1/4″ of ice. I had to chip away at it with my keys to get the door open.

It was a Camry. Damn thing fired right up, and took me home surefooted as a billy goat on the icy roads.

I’ll be going nowhere tomorrow, if I can help it.

People around here drive like mongoloids in the best of times. Today just the little bit I went out was nuts. No clue where they are going, no concern that someone else might be on the road.

Hopefully it’ll be quiet leading up to the big day.