Merry Christmas

We survived the last freeze of 2022. All two days of it.

Christmas Eve it was well above freezing. Enough to take the dogs out for a walk. They took the time to relish every last leaf pile they came upon. They had a lot of sniffing to catch up on, having not had walks in the bitter cold. Worse, I was too sick to bathe them earlier in the week, and didn’t want them wet when the cold blast hit. Jet would’ve been OK, but it takes Aria a day, at least, to completely dry. She has a thick undercoat.

Other than getting over the crud, I got along fine on the walk. Whatever I got is playing havoc with my internal furnace, so I feel a lot colder than I should, given the temp outside. Speaking of feeling cold, I can’t tell you how many women I ran into this week at stores that were shivering and chattering, walking around in those pajama pants with a cotton sweatshirt.

We really are becoming more stupid as a species.

FFS put some clothes on, preferably in layers. I myself have a collection of fleece hoodies. I’ve pretty much lived in a fleece sherpa hoodie from Duluth trading all week. They apparently don’t sell the 1/4 zip pullover one I’m wearing any longer. I was putting my winter wear in the closet (I’ve been using it out of the bin it was stored in) and realized I’m fat with sweaters and fleece but what I don’t have is a light jacket for the chilly but not real cold days like today.

I’m outta here this morning. We’re having Christmas over at Daughter #1’s with the grandkids. The logistics are easier that way. It’s really a bigger deal for the little ones. Us adults are just there to hang and enjoy each other’s company.


Merry Christmas!