Descent into Hell, Part 2

I thought my trip to the mall was bad, what came next was even worse.

I was over helping my wife with the grandkids a week prior, and they all were sick. No matter, I generally don’t get these things. Not a day later the missus was laid low by a godawful flu. At least I think so. She’s still recovering. She did test negative for COVID. So she had that which is nice.

Didn’t seem to catch me one bit.

Friday, I walked the dogs, feeling great. I got back to the house and coughed – HONK. That wasn’t a good sound.

Things started going wrong from that point on. By the time I headed to the Apple Store, I was starting to feel like boiled dogshit. Stuffed sinuses, bad cough, bad body aches that Tylenol would only put a small dent in.

By the time I got back I felt even worse.

The next two days were horrible. I didn’t sleep much at all, and woke up in sweats nearly every hour. Nothing seemed to help. Not Nyquil, Dayquil, Tylenol. Nearly all the cough medicine irritate my guts so my guts were a mess as well. I couldn’t seem to regulate my body temperature. One minute I’m sweating, the next, I’m freezing. I woke up from an attempted nap Saturday freezing and shaking uncontrollably. Saturday night, I was visited my a new fresh hell – sharp pain behind my eyes that nothing would alleviate. Good Times!

I knew I had a tradeoff to make. Take Motrin or Aspirin and endure even worse guts distress, or tough it out.

So I popped a Motrin with a swig of Mylanta.

It worked, somewhat. It at least took the edge off the headache. I went for round 2 of this Sunday afternoon and the pain started to recede.

But it came at a cost. Looking back it was probably a good choice, even though Monday, I felt a bit better I had to deal with my screwed up guts. I was only back to maybe 50% power.

I think I’ve only had the flu once or twice, decades ago. I rarely get colds much less flu.So I waived off the flu shot at the doctor last week, reasoning that this year it doesn’t appear to work as everyone I know that got it got the flu in short order. That shot has always resulted in making me feel miserable.

I had a meeting to run Monday night, but waived off, leaving my #2 guy to do it. When he came over for my meeting prep stuff, he had a mask on and started easing away the minute I told him I didn’t get a COVID test because why? My wife had the same thing and her test was negative. No matter. People are so thoroughly COVID spooked there’s no point saying a word about it.

Lot of people I know getting sicker than hell flu or COVID. Of the two, I’d take COVID any day. I had that and it was a big fat 3 day nothing, vanishing as fast as it showed up as it was for greater than 90% of those affected day one.

But people know what they know, are completely brainwashed, and will not listen if you present them with hard data.

Myself? If the missus is any guide, I have at least a week of this cough to deal with.

At least it happened before Christmas.