My HEB Adventure

I thought I wrote about this.

Damn, I’m old.

I go to doctors a lot. It’s what happens after cancer therapy. You collect doctors. In this case a cardiologist. Not that anything’s wrong. What sent me there in the first place was bullshit. It was a seperated rotator cuff and a hangover that I mistook for a heart attack. I was woefully out of shape, and they found normal old man issues.

So every year I get a blood test, an EKG and have a visit. It’s Baylor. The doc is good, as expected, and a likeable guy.

On the way back from the blood draw I spy a new HEB market. It’s all the thing around here. So I went in to size it up. Good thing too, it’s prices pre thanksgiving were astounding. 8lbs of sweet potatoes for a dollar? Hell yeah I’m there.

I found Walmart prices without the Walmart. I grabbed the things I remembered we needed for thanksgiving and went home happy.

This week was my actual visit I had to do some shopping, so I went back.

Meh. Clearly the sales were over. OK prices. Nice, higher end selections if you want that.

Not worth the trip deep into North Plano for me.

For shits, I went to Central Market, which is on the border of Richardson and Plano, and on the street near my house, to compare.

More organic stuff, but the actual HEB branded stuff at the same prices. What’s different between the two is Central Market has a way better, way higher end, butcher and seafood department. Thing is, I have two small shop butchers I like, and a fantastic seafood place that I prefer to keep fed. That would be Captain Daves and Hirsch’s. Both in Plano, but still a short trip for me. Prior to COVID the KoC would do a BBQ at the VA hospital, and Gary Hirsch graciously donated every time, without fail.

I make it a point to buy what I need to buy from local dudes, especially if I’ve met them.

So HEB. Worth going, but not traveling to go to. I doubt very seriously that they are going to come south whatsoever. There’s nowhere near here that has space that isn’t ghetto. They don’t want that. Kroger can have that. They’ll take ground zero for millenials and yuppies.

For me?

If I want cheap staples I can hit Fiesta and any asian market, maybe Sprouts.