Shark Attack

More like a whiff.

I bought a shark robit vac to keep up with the mess around here. It does a decent job. Dogs run in with wet paws, it dries, shark hoovers it up with dog hair then dumps it in it’s dust bin that I empty maybe once a week.

It starts it’s day with a revele type charge tune, and wanders off to do it’s thing.

Then it doesn’t.\

It plays the tune, goes an inch or two, and goes back to base.

Last time it did this, once I logged back into the app, it started working again. This time it didn’t. Said dust bin error.

So I emptied the bin.


Then for some reason, I took notice of the sticker on the bin that said “Yo! Clean this filter weekly!”


That wasn’t in the get started guide.

So I look to the other side, and sure as hell, there’s a panel to remove. What was under it was a completely buggered with dust sponge filter and a felt liner. Whoops.

So I reckoned I needed to take it all apart and clean what I could clean.

There’s a lot more to this thing than they let on when I lit it up.

There’s no shit 6 some odd filters to clean.

  • On the Robot, there’s a metal micro screen and a paper filter – it was toast. I hit it with the compressor to refurb it.
  • On the dust bin, there’s a micro filter and a paper filter. Air compressor refurb.
  • On the base unit there’s a micro filter as well as a paper filter. it wasn’t bad. Refurb.
  • Other side of the removable bin was the sponge and felt filter. That had to be soaked and scrubbed.

Holy shit what an ordeal.Lucky I have a compressor. I went onto Amazon and searched for filters. You can buy the sponge filters and the motor intake paper filter. Nothing else. Nothing on the app either.


My Bissell Zing has a small sponge filter that rarely gets messed up, and a cleanable foam one on the motor. Then the big one in the cannister that goes for months. And this thing will suck up socks.

I’m thinking I’ll reach a point where this thing can’t be put back in action. Hopefully it’s a ways off.

But now?

It hums along doing what it does, now that it’s clean.

One thought on “Shark Attack

  1. I bought one of the cheapest Roombas last year to clean up after Big Girl, my 140 lb Bernese. It’s one of the random types that doesn’t remember where it has already been, but does a decent job in confined area. Problem is that the wheels and brushes are all wrapped in long dog hair after every run. I basically have to take the thing apart every time to unwind hair from every moving part. Most likely be fine for short-haired dogs, but no really worth it for mobile shag rugs. Came with one extra filter. Won’t be buying anymore as they can’t be cleaned out.


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