33 years

I’ve been Married to Herself for 33 years today.

My impulse was to find some cool lyrics like last year, and post them.

It wasn’t just the music
It wasn’t just the wine
Some other kind of magic
Was sending up my spine
Then I was falling
And I fell for you, and how
Darling, are we in trouble now

Mark Knopfler – Are We in Trouble Now


I’d drive a thousand miles
Haul a trailer of tears
Just to see you smile

Mark Knopfler – Beyond my Wildest Dreams

We were married with traditional vows, not those silly woke made up ones they use today:

I promise to be faithful in sickness and health, richer and poorer, good times and bad, forsaking all others until death do we part.

And so we have, and we’ve been through them all, literally. Except the death part. That hasn’t happened yet, thankfully.

I’m a hard to live with doofus that doesn’t deserve her, most times.

As we’ve become empty nesters, we’ve had to adust quite a bit. We’re still learning how to do this.

I tell young dudes I meet that you don’t get married because it’s time. You get married because you can’t imagine being without her.

It’s been 33 years.

I still can’t imagine being without her.