Free at last, Free at last…

Well maybe not “at last”

I knew I had jury duty this week, but forgot what day it was. Turns out, it was today.

I was dreading it.

Nothing worse than to commute down to the hood to sit, asses and elbows, with the rest of the wreched waiting for the doom of actually being called as a juror. No idea why I’m ‘blessed’ with this every year or so. It’s what it is, I guess. I’ve actually had to sit on a jury twice. Twice didn’t make it past voir dire. And the rest, was sprung at some point. Sometimes while waiting in the pool, sometimes (Twice I think) waiting to enter the courtroom.

Worse yet, rainbow corp doesn’t have a selection on the HR portal for Jury Duty. You have to send the summons via email to HR. I was about to do this when an email popped up telling me I wasn’t needed.

Sweet. That has never happened.

No idea what happened, or why, but I’ll certainly take the “W”.

I’ve only been to that court once. The jury room was unremarkable. It was really sad and disturbing to see the number of people trying to figure out the check in terminal, and worse, those in line that didn’t realize that if you responded to the summons online you didn’t need to check in.

Granted, it took me a minute or two to figure that out.

But that paled in comparison to the scene up at the courtrooms.

It was a whole other world, and certainly few in the jury pool would be considered ‘peers’ to those waiting either to be tired, or to witness the trial.

When they cut us loose that time, I didn’t linger.

So I’m guessing I’m off the hook for the next year and a half or so.