Sunday Dog Stuff

This weekend the guys have been clingy.

Herself is off to the Motherland to visit family.

Last couple days she’s been home and the dogs have loved it. I’ve had to stop Jethro from bounding to the door on the end of our walks.

They miss her.

Tax season this year has been tougher than most, for a host of reasons.

So Friday, when her and the boy took off, they’ve been following me around all day.


That said, they normally hover if I have food.

I normally eat lunch in the sunroom and watch the youtubes. This time it’s Derek from Vice Grip Garage and his new series “recoverable wrecks” or some such, on motortrend channel.

So here’s a small vidya of the dogs and my interactions with them these days.

Funny stuff.

Aria has a vet appointment coming up. That’ll be fun. She’s really good at the vet. But, They suggested a tooth cleaning last time. I’m sure it’ll be the same this time. Meh…I may do it because she probably needs it (her breath usually smells like ass) and they do a courtesy nail trimming. And she really needs her nails did.