Well, that was exciting.

I do my best thinking while walking the dogs in the morning.

This morning, I was thinking about how when I leave to walk the dogs, the people that are speeding down my street are the old timers, heading God-knows-where. They are ahead of the soccer moms as the most hazardous thing to pedestrians in the morning around here. Hell, there’s this old-timer that visits a neighbor every morning. He’s bent over like a question mark and clearly is at that magic age where he’s still ambulatory but before someone realizes he probably shouldn’t be behind the wheel. Every month or so there’s a new scrape. I can’t count the times I’ve seen him with a missing front hub cap.

Prolly ran into something. Again.

Nevertheless, that was what was on my mind as I returned home and this happened:

That grey blur running in front of the dogs was a decent size bobcat.

Apparently it’s taken up residence in the sewer.

It was damn lucky I didn’t let go sooner, so it got the jump on Jethro. Even then, it just made the safety of the sewer. I hope it’s learnt a lesson here and finds another place to camp out.

In my case, that front wall will have to be inspected by the hounds every damn time we go for a walk, as will be the sewer. They checked it out this morning and found it, but gave up. I didn’t figure it would come out after that. The other thing is, now we’ll have to inspect EVERY sewer on the walk. There was a time where they found a cat here or there and that’s what happened. They were pretty much ignoring them all, except for a special one or two. Now, it’ll be all of them.


That said, it took them nearly half and hour to wind down after their victory.

I’m off to nextdoor.com to get the Karens worrying.