The Red Puddle

The elections were the other day.

So what?

Supposed to be a red wave. More like a red puddle. or Piddle. You know when you don’t give it a good enough shake and end up with piddle down your leg. Feels sort of like that.

Lot of good quotes though:

What kind of political system produces a brain damaged hobo and a Turkish carny as the two options?

The Zman

I like the one that said the republicans will keep the seats warm until the democrats are elected again. I love where the democrats won where there were “Election Irregularities”. Codespeak for “They won where they cheated”. No kidding. They’re good at it.

I myself gave up on this stuff years ago. 2012 to be precise. Clearly things were far worse, and clearly they were lying about it. No matter. Obama was re-elected. Looking back, they were probably cheating then as well. That’s when I reconciled to the fact that in America, we’re allowed to be stupid and the stupid are gonna get what’s coming to them, hard and dry.

This one, from Cold Fury, had me cracking up:

Karen (whose name is being withheld to protect her family) asked if her daughter might want to do a voice recording to share her story with the crowd. “Am I going to die?” she asked. Stunned, Karen asked why she would think such a thing. “Because everybody here hates me.” Karen pulled over, jumped out, and threw her arms around her daughter as they sobbed. “It was that moment when I knew we had to leave,” she recalled through tears.

Some nutjob Mike Posted

Supposedly her trans kid as issues. Later they claim she’s Second Generation Texan.

My ass. A locust spawn.

Texans mostly don’t care about other’s business. But when you are a Karen with Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy ruining the life of your ten year old son, the government gets involved. She moved to Portland, being glad to be someplace safe. Hah! yeah. Just don’t go downtown, Karen. I enjoyed the poast – “Austin has been invaded by Texas”. RTWT

That said, the other goings on in Texas, other than the loons migrating that is, warmed my heart. Beto was curb-stomped by Abbott, as was expected. Dan Patrick (Lt. Gov) and Ken Paxton (Atty General) stomped their rivals, whom I can’t be bothered to find out who they were. Beto can join Charley Crist and Stacy Abrams in the perennial “L” club. You know, the suckers they roll out when there’s no one else to lose.

And even though I’m in a blue county (Dallas), I’m in a deep red district. So Elva Curl, the AOC of the area, got stomped by the same margins – 11% or so. Honestly, the only reason I knew her name was my idiot locust neighbor’s yard sign, and a patently stupid and offensive card she sent.

It’l be weeks before these types come to grips with their loss and take down the yard signs. The bumper and window stickers will stay until they fade so bad you can hardly tell what they were. It’s the way of things with these people.

So for me, time to shrug my shoulders, the damage being done long ago.

Best I can hope is Texas stops the worst of it.