Happy Halloween

It’s a big day. So I braved wally world this morning and picked up candy.

Don’t wanna get caught short here. I’ve done it in the past. Door knocks, I open up, and there’s kids in costumes screaming “TRICK OR TREAT” as I stand there gape jawed that one, I forgot, and two I opened the door.

So I shut the door in their faces. Seemed like the right thing to do.

That said, I live on a corner of a secondary road. They have to come out of their way to hit my house. Few, if any, kids come this way. And when they do the dogs go nuts and usually scare them away.

Still, I’m prepared. And the candy appears to have had massive shrinkflation. I seem to remember the mini versions of candy like Hersey’s Bars, Kit Kat, and Snickers to have been twice as big as what I’m seeing here. Whatever. I got something to hand out other than potatoes and apples.

In the news today, Elon Musk appears to be have a few days of the long knives at twitter.

Couldn’t care less.

New guy comes in and the first to bleed are the executives, usually before they can vest and cash in. Seen it over and over. Hell, that happened to me. Our company merged, another investment company bought it and paired us up with another smilar company. On the call, someone asked what happens with our options. The new CEO said, “I don’t know. I suppose you need to ask those other guys”.

Yeah. Well, those other guys sent a letter that said to piss up a rope, they’re gone. Good thing we got all those options instead of regular money for a raise all those years.

When I worked for Lucent, they transferred me to a startup they bought called Chromatis. Same damn thing happened. They geared up to cut a lot of the employees loose after their one year anniversary – when all their options would then become regular Lucent options, and thus useless.

A year or so earlier, I was in a company wide meeting where the happless startup employees were told that they were now being asslimilated. One of the Israeli executives (it was an Israeli startup) told them they’d be taken care of.

Heh…Yeah that happened. Good and hard. Although I’m sure the former executives left with a crate or two of luncheon vouchers.

That said, the next to go at Twitter will be the deadwood. I’m sure a company that size has substantial bloat. I saw a video by a woman employee showing her day in the office, the one of two she would have to post for that week. La few dumb meetings. Time for a trip to the meditation room, nice gourmet lunch, game room. All that stuff costs money over and above her displayed lack of productivity.

So there will be a biblical amount of wailing and grinding of teeth.FWIW, the time to leave was months ago when the purchase looked imminent.

So what? I find twitter useless. And I don’t see what the big deal is making those twitter glitterarti pay for that blue check. It is the way of things everywhere else.

Don’t have any popcorn for the spectacle.

But I do have candy.