MyQ – Control your stuff

Like most of the country, I have a chamberlain garage door opener. They are probably the most ubiquotus one out there. And they have some cool plugins for OCD guys like me that obsess that I left the door open.

You see, hereabouts, driveways and garages face the back of the property. You typically drive down an alley to access your driveway, as opposed to it being in the front of the house. In Plano, I don’t think I saw any houses with the driveways in front on the west side. The older, east side had some. The problem is there if you leave the garage open when you leave, someone will come in and steal your stuff.

Maybe they only take a bike, like happened to me. Or maybe they take everything in the house.

Our second house wasn’t in as nice a neighborhood, and I was prone to leaving the door open, and nothing was every stolen. I asked my neighbor about it and he said it was the bike (Motorcyle). Back then I had a Yamaha FZ-1. He said that the would be robbers figured and ass beating would happen if they tried to rob a biker’s house.

Probably right.

Here, I don’t have that big an issue. Sure I have the garage, but I also have a gate that shuts access to the back of the property off. That and the door to the alley is barred. That said, I still fet about the garage. They can eyeball through the fence and try, but the dogs will try to kill them. Still, I want to know the thing is shut so I have the MyQ app.

The controller was simple to install, as was the door sensor. You mearly have the opener learn the controller, like a remote, then you’re done. So I can see the door is open or closed, and close it with the app. Pretty cool

But today I saw the alert the door was opened (as Herself left) and it stayed open. So I tried to shut it and it couldn’t tell if it was closed or not. I have had an issue when I try to close it and it reverts and opens back up. So I went and got a MyQ camera to see and monitor the door. I could have repurposed one of my Wyze cameras, but the benefit here is that it’s in the app I’m using to monitor the door. Pretty easy to install. Bolt it to the wall and you’re done.

MyQ and the Camera. The MyQ controller is Pointing at a sensor on the door.

It was simple to setup, as was the MyQ controller. Simple app on the phone, follow some instructions. So it works. Behold:

Not as bad as Phil, but I’m still young and learning

So now, at least, I can document when people try to steal my stuff.

BTW – the door issue was simple. Turns out I bumped the door sensors with whatever I was stuffing next to them, and misaligned one sensor. Simple bend it into shape worked. I had another friend tell me, at the same time as the other, to grease my rails and screw on the opener.

Don’t know if that made a huge difference, but I did it anyhow.