Clay Bars

We have two massive pecan trees in our back yard that provide shade during most of the afternoon. Even though some numbnut topped them, they still are magestic. The bad part is they are pretty prolific producers of pecans. When I started spraying them, the nuts have recovered to where maybe only half of them have the black fungus. The only reason we know it has good ones is we see the squirrels leavings. Sonsabitches have been eating the good ones.

So the while squirrels are munching and dropping stuff, the driveway and part of our cars get splattered with pecan offal. My halfass carport doesn’t cover the whole car, yet. So what I get (mine is on the tree side) is pecan stains that look like half a dozen dudes are chewing tobacco and spitting on my car.

The thing came back from the body shop like new, then within a month it looked like some redneck car from the back woods. Chew stains, sap stains. Real bad. And this stuff is impervious to almost every off the shelf cleaner.

So Saturday when I finished the beating I got when fixing a sprinkler head, I fired up the pressure washer to tackle my speckled hoopty.

It didn’t really work. Even after a Rain-X tar, bug, and sap treatment. I got close, but didn’t make it to the finish line here.

So I was comisserating at Church with one of my friends. He said “You gotta get you a clay bar”


I asked where I could get it, and damn if I didn’t overlook the selection at O’Reilly’s. They had two to choose from Mother’s, and Meguiare’s. This is what I got:

God I love living in Texas. There’s always a dude that knows how to do things you don’t, and will tell you how or where to go to get’er done. So I started cleaning.

Good lord that was easy.

Really rubbed the stains right off.


I didn’t do a before pic. But it was bad. Now? Look at the reflection. 12 year old car looks new.

So I’m a big fan now.

And I’ll be working on extending the carport to cover my ride so this doesn’t happen any longer.