Now, Matters are Worse

Jingoism: Extreme chauvinism or nationalism marked especially by a belligerent foreign policy

Webster’s Dictionary

The Ukrainians hit the bridge to Crimea the other day, and proceed to dance in the streets about it. Earlier, someone detonated the Nordstream Pipeline. Although a more plausible explanation is here, with a follow up here. Doesn’t really matter, since most think it was us.

So this morning, Russia is pulling Ukraine apart limb by limb. It’s all aboard the pain train for them now.

All of this could and should have been avoided if Ukraine and NATO honored their word. For Ukraine, it was the Minsk agreement. For NATO, it was the promise not to expand east. And even in the eleventh hour before all this started, there were simple, not unreasonable demands by Russia to prevent this.

I have a few friends that are in the RahRah let the NATO boys (meaning us) go in and take care of business. Clearly, they watch too much maintream news.

I had one such conversation yesterday. Dude was all gung ho. By Jingo! Let’s get the job done!

I’m more deft and diplomatic these days. What I would have said was “That’s the exact position I’d expect from a childless boomer.” What I actually did was ask him what in this stupid war, that could’ve and should’ve been avoided, is worth our young men dying?

Didn’t get an answer. He just focused on Putin. Totally buying into the Putin has parkinsons, cancer, on his last leg, madman thing.

That’s a reason for our guys to die?

It’s going to be a cold hard winter in Ukraine, and I got the over/under on the western world bawling about the humanitarian crisis that started this week at November 1. Look, there’s NATO ‘advisors’ all over that place. Soon as that comes out in the open, things will change for us, and for the worse.

Fact of the matter is that Russia was holding back in basically a rope-a-dope strategy. They were letting the Ukrainians, and by proxy, NATO, wear themselves out, expending men and money. That time has now passed and the Russians are starting to throw combo punches.

We’re not coming out of this without a battering of some sort or another.