Medical Science

I’m sitting here with my skull throbbing.


My @#$(#($ implant came out. Why? No idea. None.

It was last Friday. I was “celebrating”. I had Woodies Brisket, and Coleslaw. Nothing Crunchy. Nothing hard. Well after dinner I was watching my car stories on the TV and felt that the damn thing was coming loose.

My dentist had no appointments convenient to me, so I had to go today – a Friday, a week later. I had a busy week, let’s say.

They are closed Wednesday and Thursday (but have Saturday hours). Tuesday night the thing gave it up and fell right outta my head. So two days without a tooth.

So today I go to get it bolted back in.

Fuuuuuucck me that hurt. Know why? I have healthy gums because I’m a spaz about cleaning my teeth after I eat. You see, I had throat cancer. It sucked. Bigly. And now? My mouth is dry and shit gets stuck in my teeth, and I hate it. So I clean them.

So when that particular foreign object fell out, my gums started healing.

The dentist crammed it back in my head, then had to wait. Because it hurt like a muthufucka. Then, he used the micro torque wrench to bolt it back in. My gums did not abide.

Six beers later, it’s subsiding.

That brings up the point of this post.

Sure, Medical science has progressed. I no longer have the cancer. But “Not Dying” only goes so far. My neck is stiff as hell. I have to do exercises to loosen it up. I have a thyroid issue from radiation. I now have some sort of nerve issue in my jaw – from radiation – So my lower jaw and tounge are alternating numb/prickly. Two separate nerve paths that join deep in my jaw. So I need to find a neurologist apparently.

Oh goody!

You see, I’m not dead. But I have collateral damage that won’t go away. Ever.

I’m on a drug that controls my stomach acid. I’ve had issues with my cheap irish plumbing since high school. There’s one drug that works.

But I have none.


Because of a retard Physician’s assistant – not the one I normally deal with, fucking up my prescription.

All I can say is don’t grow old.

You can say, well you can do this…you can do that. But fact of the matter is my mom was long dead by the age I am. I have issues that would have kilt me in the past, but didn’t.

So I’m here.

And it’s now way later, and not only does my jaw hurt, but it’s moved to most of the left side of my face.

So yeah…

Don’t grow old.