!@$R@ Locusts.

There aren’t too many Beto signs around here. So when I see something new, I take notice.


This is new

Saw this one whilst on my way home Sunday. Thought, Oh goodie! A new sticker! And a post formed in my head about knuckleheads getting on the Betard train.

Turns out, it’s my idiot neighbor up the street with the enormous Beto banner on his fence.

So, good side? Not another.

Bad side? Dipshit locust.

Dude didn’t have his California tags off his car before he had BLM and rainbow signs up. This is classic Texas. Jackasses ruin their state, then come here to ruin ours. FWIW, another indicator of a none-to-bright lib, who thinks laws don’t apply to him; He had at least two small kids walking around in that van, clearly not buckled in as they waited to enter an interection that claims one, if not two cars a month.

The other sticker you can get is “Boot Abbott, Save Texas”. Save Texas? Really?

Look, is Abbott a great governor? No. He’s a decent one, for sure.

Is he doing all he can to stem the tide in the south? No.

Is he part of the problem with ‘renewables’? Yes. Probably.

But he’s an accomplished dude. He’s done something. Beto? Done nothing but marry into money. He’s a mighty whitey Obama without the two autobiographies. This is because he’s done less than Obama pre-senate, which is less than nothing.

The only thing he’s managed to do is say really dumb shit things that offend most Texans while on camera. He really doesn’t come off a lot brighter than AOC, which I’m sure gives my idiot neighbor the excitement.

So we’re back to a ‘devil you know’ election. I don’t know what Beto will do, but I’m guessing it’ll be stupid and cause pain. Abbott will do more of the same. Not great, but not horrible either. I’m still stuck on why anyone would think this loser is going to do anything other than screw things up.

I don’t watch polls, but I hear them. They have Abbott +7 in this election, and I’m sure it’s higher. The commercials I’ve heard so far are brutal, and feature a lot of quotes, in full context. He can’t hide from the dumbshit things he’s said.

Given Biden’s popularity, and that Beto sounds only marginally smarter, I’m guessing he’s going to get curb stomped in a month.

He’ll slink back into whatever nonprofit or PAC they store these assholes to plot his return to the gubermint teet.

In the meantime, I’m cleaning out .44 special wherever I find it.