9/11 Nuttiness

J.kb over at GunFree zone had a post lamenting the 9/11 commentary on social media. Or rather the polarization of the groups involved.

He missed a third camp.

Those would be the population of people that fully believe that 9/11 was an inside job. Conspiracy nuts. The seedpods from that particular garden of stupid were in full bloom on GAB, commemorating the occasion.

This silliness started not too long after it happened.

Let’s start with the basics here, which I call Himself’s law of large organizations. To wit:

The likelihood of success on a project (or scheme) is inversely proportional to the organizations size.


It’s a corollary to Murphy’s Law.

I grew up in DC, and have worked around or for the government (as a telecom contractor) for a huge chunk of my career. I could tell you stories, but it suffices to say there’s a reason people say “Close enough for Government work”. There would have to be a whole lot of people in on the plan, doing a lot of work with no screwups and no blabbing and without anyone else noticing. And no one can screw things up like government employees. Now, if you said a three letter agency funded these guys and wound them up to do this, we can talk. That would be a much smaller group doing the scheme here. Matter of fact the recent mass shootings scream it – known to the FBI, all carrying thousands in gear that a dude that’s barely shaving can buy. More than a few times, the same manufacturer gun.

But I digress.

There’s also simple physics and engineering. Demoing a building so it collapses requires months of work, lots of mess, and lots of explosives – like hundreds to thousands per building. Don’t listen to me, watch some documentaries or reality shows on building demolition. You have to cut walls, cut beams, install and wire shape charges, all while people are still working in the building?


Keep in mind the WTC towers had an exoskeleton. So the beams they’d have to cut are exterior beams. Sure.

Flight 93 didn’t have a huge debris field. When a plane noses into the ground, they generally don’t. You can see that on any plane wreck documentary or book. And no, it wasn’t a missle. The debris would be scattered for miles.

And the pentagon? How does a missile penetrate five walls built of 22″ marble blocks, leaving a wedge shaped hole outward? That one is special to me because I know people personally who saw it happen, and one or two that were first responders. There’s also the matter of all that debris from a 757 scattered around – you know, wheels, engines, body parts with the AA logo and coloring on them. It was all over the news every day. I seen it.

So there’s a not too small third group in there that’ll make things even messier.

As for me, I’ve given up trying to interject logic into otherwise emotional arguments and refrain from arguing on the interwebs with people I don’t know that don’t know anything about what they’re screeching about.