Wow! I stand Corrected

I wrote about Oberlin here.

I was wrong. I figured the college would run the clock.

But they didn’t. They paid up.

Wow!…On some level, the system works.

Good for Lorna Gibson. As the article says though, what they didn’t do is apologize. They see themselves as the victim here.

I still stand by my suggestion:

Unless you can figure out a business model that doesn’t include business with the big company in the company town, You won’t be able to stay afloat, especially if they pay up. They will work however they can to ruin you at that point. You have to take into account that they will crank the antagonism generator to 11.

Me, the other day.

She’s willing to forgive. God bless her.

We’ll see how it goes. She does some updates, maybe time will heal this, and the locals will rally.