Satuday Dog Update

It’s been two weeks since Jasper went to his new home.

On some level I miss the doofus.

Sure, He was an additional work load with the other two, and he ginked my lungs some kinda bad. But he was a lovable dude. That super loyal, smart wingman that has zero common sense. If the dude was human I’m certain I’d hear “Hey, hold my beer and watch this!”

But then again, I haven’t needed allergy meds in two weeks.

Life around here has become frictionless.

And Jethro has become a super dude, very playful.

The Squeaky ball

I get this ball shoved in my lap once a day.

For whatever reason, he loves the color red, with purple a close second. I can throw the blue ball all day long and he’ll maybe chase it. But the red one is his. And he’s super protective of it. For whatever reason, if I’m on the phone or trying to talk to Herself, he’ll be squeaking the shit out of the thing. It’s incredibly loud inside.

Aria has completely transformed into a super cool, laid back dog.

Aria, queen of the yard

I don’t think I’ve seen her in her crate unless she’s going down for the night.

She can be found in either the back yard or sunroom, waiting for critters to chase, or in my office. Instead of Jasper monopolizing my time, the other two share it. It’s awesome.

If you look to the right on that image, you’ll see a fig tree, with a Japanese maple behind it. I have fencing around them because doofus would snap branches off the maple and chew the fig leaves. I’d see the fencing bent up from his attempts at attacking the trees.

They’ve been untouched since Jasper left. I may be able to remove the fencing.

Herself took the border from the Mimosa

A mimosa tree

I grew that tree from a seedling I found. It’s already two feet taller than that image.

Jasper used to piss on it and kill the fronds.

The other two can’t be bothered, and leave it be.

Which is cool.

We had one in the back yard when I was growing up. They are cool trees, with really pretty flowers. We have a street named “Mimosa” nearby. Shame no one around has one.

There’s a noticable lowering of the level of dogshit I have to shovel.

Both Jet and Aria are pretty fastidious about where they go; Jet the southeast and northwest corners of the lawn, Aria the north and south middle fenceline.

Jasper would go anywhere. All over.

And the two older dogs usually go when walking – before the park, so I can chuck it out in a bin there rather than bringing it home.

I miss the little dude. And I’m bitter that it was me that had to find him a home and in the process take the emotional hit.

But I think everyone is better off. We have a low friction house now, and the new family has a cool quirky dude.