Something Wrong with That Boy

There’s something wrong with Jethro. He’s not right in the head.

If the garage door is open, he’ll want to come back into the house through the garage. Makes no sense whatsoever. The dogs have a perfectly good dog door. See:

That’s him, going outside. And he’ll use it to come back in.

Unless the garage is open. Then he scratches at the back door (leading to the garage) to let him in, every time he wants back in during the day.

It’s pretty irritating.

Especially if it rained for the first time in months, and someone (probably me) forgot to wash the towels used to dry off dogs and have them walk on to dry their feet when they come back inside.

He’ll even do it if I’m working in the garage.

He’ll walk to the door and peck on it to be let in.

Boy just ain’t right.