Speaking of Locusts…

I write better when I’m annoyed or disgusted. Ass hattery brings out my sense of humor. So when things are going well, I have nothing to vent about. At least nothing I should be sharing anyhow. That’s when I fall back on dog posts.

The dogs are always entertaining. I also do my best thinking while walking them. Especially now, since I don’t have to struggle and walking each morning is pleasant.

So I was ambling home, about to turn on my street when I got a load of the king-hell, unrepentant Biden voter neighborhood locust. This dude from California didn’t even have his Texas tags yet before he had an “Everyone’s our Neighbor” and “BLM” signs out. Great way to introduce yourself, I tell you what.

During “pride” month he had an enormous rainbow flag hanging in front of his door. And not the old school flag, it was the new one with more alphabet behind it. Oofah…

I was wondering where his Beto sign was, when I got a load of it passing his house from the other direction the other day. Homey is sporting a 4’x5′ (at least) Beto sign tacked onto his fence.

There’s been a lot of work going on at the house there. I’m sure it was a rental when they moved in. But I’m thinking he bought it since they installed foundation piers and rebuilt the plumbing drains. That generally isn’t going to happen out of the blue in a rental. But it is something that would be required for closing a loan on a house here.

Plus he’s installing Solar.

Those trucks you see are from Tesla Energy. So it appears he’s sparing no expense.

But get a load of that panel. It’s in the deep shade, as is the one on the south roof. Has to do with the enormous oak trees in the front and the neighbors yard. It stays that shaded all day. They’ve installed panels on every roof of a roughly “C” shaped house – this one faces east. There’s two facing south, one shaded, one not, one west (on the back of the roof you see), which is in partial shade all day, and two north, one in partial shade, one not.

But the ones that face north face away from the sun’s path. So while they get sun, they don’t get full focus sun. There are no panels that get 100% on that house. In order to get even close he’ll have to cut down at least two ancient oaks, one he owns, one he doesn’t.

Those must be some amazing panels to generate any sort of juice in the shade.

Even in the winter, there’s shade on that roof. And probably ice, when we get a storm.

I’m betting it’s costing a good deal more than the $15k I was quoted five years ago or so. Kunstler had a great piece about how great solar is when it breaks.

It’ll never pay off.

But I’m sure it makes him feel superior to us plebs by helping global warming and all.

If I had that money to blow, I’d get a bigger generator and a new truck and still have money to salt away.