Glorious Future World

Arthur Sido had a post up the other day about how TPTB want to turn us into Brazil.

I’ve seen this more than once, floating around the interwebs.

There’s also a corollary to this about how AI is going to put us all out of jobs. So we need to go to some sort of guaranteed Universal Income. Rogan is one of these big thinkers.

Let’s dispel the AI thing straight away.

Right now, AI is a database. All it’s doing is guessing the answer you want to hear. Not the right one, the one you want to hear. That’s why you think it’s smart. It can’t do anything. It won’t fix your plumbing, it won’t hook up your electricity. It won’t mow your lawn or cook your food. It can’t build other AI Robits.

Hell, look at my robot vac stumble around, three blind men and an elephant style. Sure it’s learnt two rooms, sort of, but I (a human) have to get in and fiddle with it’s map. And it does less than shit when it gets stuck. Only way I know that happened is I hear it struggling.

As for the other scenario, where we have huge slums, and uber wealthy like a South American country? Again, Electricity doesn’t self generate and distribute itself. Nor does plumbing appear by magic.

And do you think the 95% of the rest of us will tolerate this? with millions of arms, and trillions of rounds of ammo?

What about the American Spirit?

That “Can Do” spirit extends in a lot of directions.

  • We can gooch your power so you don’t have any either.
  • We can gob your plumbing so your estate backs up like everyone elses.
  • One can shut down a 5G network with a modest .22.

Oh…you can’t connect? First appointment…three weeks Monday. Maybe.

Hopefully after someone chucked a molotov into a fiber splice point, or took a big scoop from a backhoe and rocked away, the tech won’t have anyone in his extended family that was screwed over and he’ll do a good job splicing a few thousand fibers in a timely fashion.

It takes remarkably little sand in the gears of high tech to shut it right down is what I’m trying to say here. After that, there’s no AI. There’s sticks. Hopefully you can rub them long enought to make a fire to keep warm.

I see things turning out to be more like Ireland, during the troubles.

Do you really think after TPTB have been dabbling in the deadly sins of Pride, Anger, and Envy that there’ll be a class of people around that won’t be holding some sort of grudge?

I see it more likely that the US would split into functioning and non functioning countries rather than one big pot of dysfunction. You can see it already in the migration patterns away from dysfunction to function.

I wish that dysfunction would stay where it is and not come here. I short drive for errands tells me I’m wrong and we’re up to our eyeballs in numbnuts from blue areas. Don’t know where their heads are at in the big picture, but I know, sure as hell, they can’t drive for crap.

In the not so long run we’ll see.