Jethro goes to the Vet

It was time for Jet’s yearly appointment with the vet.

$400 vaporized in an hour.

That said, I love the vet we use. He’s a Shepherd expert, so he’s a wealth of information on how to deal with Shepherd mixes like Jet and Aria. He’s also pretty tuned into the pet care industry, from food manufacturers to what I’d call “Big Pet”. Apparently the Mars company is big into pet food and vet offices. Who knew?

He, of course, is healthy as a horse. His exact line was “I don’t know what you’re feeding him, but he has the brightest, whitest teeth.”

And so he does. An impressive mouth full of them.

I recently read about poultry allergies, and changed up the dogs food. It’s the same brand, only instead of chicken and rice, it’s lamb and rice. The two dogs (I have left) seem to love it.

It’s worked wonders for Jethro. He poops like a normal dog now. Before, It was a crap shoot if you were out on a walk. He might be OK, He might unload a pile of goo. One thing I noticed was that if I give him an egg or a few pieces of chicken, he’ll loosen up. Proof certain for me.

The good doctor said dogs manifest a lot of allergies through their skin. So it may take months for him to stop scritching. I’ll take it.

Usually these visits are in the $200s. He has to do testing, and get a few vaccinations (you need a bordatella shot if they go to daycare, boarding, or grooming. This is also known as ‘kennel cough’. Doesn’t seem to work, or the last place I brought them has such a high infectious load that both male dogs came back and coughed their heads off.

That extra expense was I treated the boy and had is anal glands ‘expressed’. Something that has to be done on some dogs. And Jethro was butt schooching across the yard a few times a day. Worth it for the test, I suppose. I saw how to do it online and took a hard pass.

We’ll see if it works. He seemed no worse for wear.

We got back late morning and the first thing he wanted was to hit the road for a walk, heat or no.

I see the line “Dogs – we don’t deserve them”. I have to agree. The two I have now are super dogs.

Couple blogs I read, the authors have dogs that have passed. I can’t imagine the pain.

I rehomed one and I’m still dealing with it.