Miscellaneous Crapola

It’s officially hot as hell.

And the fellas are out in front, rebuilding the street. I can tell you, playing with concrete in 100 degree Texas heat isn’t on my bucket list.

God Bless’em.

They cut off half the street, the northbound half, and started tearing it to pieces. Yet, all day long I’ll see numbnuts going northbound on the left side of the road. It’s blocked off, “Do not Enter”, One Way signs everywhere. Yet here we are. I see it all day in the cameras. I gawp wondering what part of “DO NOT ENTER” they didn’t get.

They’re doing my street differently than the others they’ve done in the past. Previous, they’d cut the whole street. Then Excavate. Then build forms, then pour the whole street at a time. Here, they are following half a day behind the excavator, building out. So it’s Wednesday. They started Monday morning, and the entire block in front of my house is done.

Pretty baddass.

Speaking of baddass, Behold:

Those are the gardens.

Closest are my cucumbers, which are giving me 2-4 a day. I’ve already started making pickles. Middle is green beans. I’m on my second harvest. Third is peppers and tomatos. My pepperocinis are raining peppers.

We’re heading into July, and look how green it is. Crepe Myrtles blooming along the street.

If you drill in on the photo, you can see Jethro taking a dump in the background. Timing, it turns out, isn’t my thing.

I take the pups out in the morning. By the time we’re back, they’re toast.

All day I have this going on:

Every day I’ll have either Jasper or Aria at my feet. Laying on the cool tile, in front of the fan I have blowing on me.

I have a portable AC in the sunroom. It is probably on of my favorite rooms now, after the misery of installing a tile floor. Herself got me a fireTV for it. I’m usually out there playing youtubes, with the sound over my bluetooth amp. I’ll wire in the sound and ethernet this weekend.

We got a Sharkk Robit vacuum. On paper it seemed like the thing to do. Keep down the dust and dog hair. In practice, we’ll see. The dining room and kitchen are the same floor. The living room is hardwood, and is raised above the tile. We’ll see how and if it’ll deal with it.

It’s sitting in it’s dock. I have the app installed. But can’t move forward, since the floor is full of boxes and crap. So no point getting it to ‘learn’ the floor. I’ll do it tomorrow, when I mount the TV. Had to go score concrete anchors to do that.

So, there are delays.

Did I mention it’s hot?

I walk or bike in the afternoons. By the time I’m back and put in a few hours real work, I’m toast. I don’t feel like digging around for tools to mount a TV.

This is another task that I’m procrastinating to complete, that when I turn my focus to it, I’ll be done in an hour or so. I have man-skills, after all.

My laziness is so bad that the mount and the anchors are sitting in my car.

I’ll get there.

I have great kids. They give me the most thoughtful presents. For instance, I was strugging with PKI and Certs and my son built me a cert generator on a Raspberry Pi. Very cool.

This fathers day they got me a storyworth account.

That is too cool. I love to write. And for whatever reason, I haven’t compiled this blog. I should.

But every Monday I have a question to write about. After a year it’ll be a book. I may do Mondays and Fridays.

What a cool idea.

That’s the whole point of the blog and a journal I keep (that they didn’t know about until this moment).

What I’d give to have this from my dad. I had to do it the old way; visit the old man and talk to him.

Jazber’s days are numbered. And that number is 12.

It’ll break my heart to let him go.

But a 20 year old dude that’ll be his best buddy is what he needs. Not a broken old man, I suppose. It’ll be cathartic for the dude. I’ll write a note on how to deal with him.

For instance – no negative reinforcement. It, by and large, doesn’t work. He’ll straight up bite the dude. He’s nuts but He’s not stupid.

As I close this up I’m listening to iTunes. Mavin Gaye, God is Love Live.

Youtubes doesn’t have the version I’m listening to. I uploaded on iTunes from a CD.

But he is.